Result of Interview for the post of Staff Nurse under NHM, Assam


Interview held on 18th, 19,h, 21SL 22nd, 24,h, 28th & 29th September, 2015. The candidature of the candidates having following Roll Numbers are provisional subject to “Assam Nurses” Midwive’ and Health Visitor’ Council” within 15 days of the declaration of result, else their candidature will be cancelled for the post.

SN147, SN801, SN312, SN218, SN525,  SN724, SN176,  SN083 SN441,  SN431,  SN584 SN078 SN389, SN442, SN447, SN432, SN347, SN112,  SN378,  SN465, SN463, SN437, SN360, SNI20, SN392, SN247, SN123, SN648, SN452, SN318, SN565, SN450, SN210, SN095, SN579, SN462, SN683, SN477, SN239, SN444, SN711, SN478, SN850, SN578, SN454, SN006, SN837, SN590, SN133, SN290, SN589, SN035, SN853, SN697, SN137, SN371, SN632, SN076, SN870, SN023,  SN349, SN756, SN764, SN097, SN041, SN381, SN073,  SN036, SN138, SN453, SN064, SN639,  SN253, SN077, SN303, SN471, SN088, SN521, SN229,  SN429, SN474, SN181, SN695, SN502, SNI60, SN512, SN260.